Long Term Services


The lure of making your rental a short term listing can be strong but there’s nothing like the stability of a long term rental. We make sure you have quality tenants and that your properties are well taken care of so you can rest assured knowing your investment is well taken care of.  

Some owners prefer to be more hands on and manage the active listing themselves but have trouble procuring tenants for their property.  Being able to reach a maximum level of prospective tenants with high quality photography / videography and professional marketing over more than a half dozen platforms can help set your listing apart.



"I've used Lux Property Management for several long term investment units in the Portland area and and so happy to have finally found a company that truly cares about your properties and financial goals and treats each space as their own.  I feel like i'm in a happy long term relationship and would recommend Lux to anyone who is tired of the business first client second model.”


Ad writing 

Getting property show ready 

Move in/ out inspections 

Applicant screening 

Background checks

Photography & Videography



Price analysis 

Property knowledge